Sunday, December 8, 2013

The Cabin Fever Affidavit -- Ed Zahniser

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Ed Zahniser’s poems have appeared in over 100 literary magazines in the U.S. and U.K., three chapbooks, three books, nine anthologies, and two gallery shows of poetry as works on walls. His book Mall-hopping with the Great I AM (Somondoco Press) was published in 2006, with design, production, and cover photography by Heather Watson, Pernot and Tatlin, environmental graphic design: exhibits/ signage: In 2010, Ed collaborated with Watson on Slow Down and Live, a limited handmade edition of 26 copies she produced. Ed’s series of “I Want To Quit My Day job and . . .” poems were illustrated with Watson’s drawings of envelope security patterns. The book was printed on scrap office paper from Watson’s former day job. With Georgia Lee McElhaney, poet laureate of Shepherdstown, WV, Ed co-edited an anthology of 27 area poets to celebrate the town’s 250th Anniversary in 2012. The book was designed and produced by Watson. An upcoming book project will include three Shepherdstown long poems by Ed with design, illustration, and production by Watson. Ed and his wife Christine Duewel live in Shepherdstown, WV, where he is poetry editor of the town’s all-volunteer quarterly print and online tabloid Good News Paper, which he cofounded with Executive Editor Randall Tremba in 1979. 

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Nodding In Time -- Rodney Nelson

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Rodney Nelson's work began appearing in mainstream journals long ago; but he turned to fiction and did not write a poem for twenty-two years, restarting in the 2000s.  So he is both older and "new."  See his page in the Poets & Writers directory ( for a notion of the publishing history.  He has worked as a copy editor in the Southwest and now lives in the northern Great Plains.  Recenlty, his poem "One Winter" won a Poetry Kit Award for 2011 (U.K.); it had appeared in Symmetry Pebbles.  His "Upstream in Idaho" received a Best of Issue Award at the late Neon Beam (also England). The chapbook Metacowboy was published in 2011; another title, In Wait, in November 2012.  Bog Light has just appeared.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Cubicleland -- Laura Winton

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Laura Winton is a poet, writer, and performance artist currently based in Minneapolis, MN.  She has been writing for about 30 years and has published the journal Karawane:  Or, the Temporary Death of the Bruitist. She likes to read and write avante-garde and experimental literature and is particularly influenced by Dadaism, Surrealism, Beat Writers, and the Language Poets, among others.  Her prose is part prose poems, part fiction, and part creative non-fiction, in keeping with her life, in which she cannot tell anymore what is fiction vs. creative non-fiction.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Journey To Become Forgotten -- Carl Scharwath

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The Orlando Sentinel, Lake Healthy Living, Think Healthy and Mature Lifestyles Magazines have all described Carl Scharwath as the "running poet." His interests include being a father/grandfather, competitive running, sprint triathlons and taekwondo (he's a 2nd degree black belt).

His work appears worldwide with over forty published poems and five short stories. He was awarded “Best in Issue” in Haiku Reality Magazine and was recently selected as a featured poet in Ambrielrev. His favorite authors are Hermann Hesse and Charlotte Perkins Gillman.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Great Crochet Question -- Paul David Adkins

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Paul David Adkins lives in New York and works as a counselor.

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Announcing Kind of a Hurricane Press's First Annual Poetry Contest!


First Place Winner gets $200 (US)  Payable via PayPal

for more details check out the Kind of a Hurricane Press Editor's Choice Poetry Award Site:

Monday, July 1, 2013

The Katy Trail, Mid-Missouri, 100F Outside And Other Poems -- Michael H. Brownstein

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Michael H. Brownstein has been widely published throughout the small and literary presses.  His work has appeared in The Cafe Review, American Letters and Commentary, Skidrow Penthouse, Xavier Review Hotel Amerika, Free Lunch, Meridian Anthology of Contemporary Poetry, The Pacific Review, and others.  In addition, he has nine poetry chapbooks including The Shooting Gallery (Samidat Press,1987), Poems from the Body Bag (Ommation Press, 1988), A Period of Trees (Snark Press, 2004), What Stone Is (Fractal Edge Press, 2005), and I Was a Teacher Once (Ten Page Press, 2011).  He is the editor of First Poems from Viet Nam (2011).

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Twelve Months -- Joan McNerney

Joan McNerney has been included in numerous literary magazines such as Seven Circle Press, Dinner with the Muse, Camel Saloon Books on Blog, Blueline, Vine Leaves, Spectrum, three Bright Spring Press Anthologies and several Kind of A Hurricane Publications.  She has been nominated three times for Best of the Net. Four of her books have been published by fine literary presses.  She has recited her work at the National Arts Club, New York City, State University of New York,   Oneonta,   McNay   Art   Institute,   San   Antonio   and   other distinguished venues.  A recent reading was sponsored by the American Academy of Poetry.  Her latest title is Having Lunch with the Sky, A.P.D. Press, Albany, New York.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Seeds -- Jim Davis

About The Author

Jim Davis is a graduate of Knox College and now lives, writes, and paints in Chicago, where he edits the North Chicago Review. Jim’s work has appeared in Seneca Review, Blue Mesa Review, Poetry Quarterly, Whitefish Review, The CafĂ© Review, and Contemporary American Voices, in addition to winning the Line Zero Poetry Contest, Eye on Life Poetry Prize, and multiple Editor's Choice awards. In addition to the arts, Jim is an international semi-professional football player.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Late All Night Sessions with Charlie "the Bird" Parker and the Members of Birdland, in Take-Three -- Martin Willitts, Jr.

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About The Author

Former Jazz musician, Martin Willitts Jr retired as a MLS Senior Librarian in upstate New York. He is currently tutoring 4th grade students, evaluates Prior Learning Evaluations for SUNY Empire State, a professional Oral Storyteller telling stories from around the world from memory, and he is a “Science Magician” able to throw playing cards into watermelons and bounce eggs. He is a Quaker, healer, and Organic Gardener. He is a visual artist of Victorian and Chinese paper cutouts. He was nominated for 5 Pushcart and 3 Best Of The Net awards.

Martin Willitts Jr has appeared in over 30 anthologies and has been in hundreds of print and online magazines including A Kind Of A Hurricane Press, Big City Lit, Rattle, Flutter, and others. He presented his poetry workshop “Origami Haiku Jumping Frogs” at the 2012 Massachusetts Poetry Festival. He won the prestigious international John Cotton Dana Award for library programs and publicity, and he won it while working at a library of a service area of less than 10,000 populations.

He has print chapbooks "Falling In and Out of Love" (Pudding House Publications, 2005), “Lowering Nets of Light” (Pudding House Publications, 2007), The Garden of French Horns” (Pudding House Publications, 2008), “Baskets of Tomorrow” (Flutter Press, 2009), “The Girl Who Sang Forth Horses” (Pudding House Publications, 2010), “Van Gogh’s Sunflowers for Cezanne” (Finishing Line Press, 2010), “Why Women Are A Ribbon Around A Bomb” (Last Automat, 2011), “Protest, Petition, Write, Speak: Matilda Joslyn Gage Poems” (Matilda Joslyn Gage Foundation, 2011),  Secrets No One Wants To Talk About” (Dos Madres Press, 2011), “How to Find Peace” (Kattywompus Press, 2012), “Playing The Pauses In The Absence Of Stars” (Main Street Rag, 2012), and “No Special Favors” (Green Fuse Press, 2012). 

He has three full length books "The Secret Language of the Universe" (March Street Press, 2006), and “The Hummingbird” (March Street Press, 2009), and “The Heart Knows, Simply, What It Needs: Poems based on Emily Dickinson, her life and poetry” (Aldrich Press, 2012).

His forthcoming poetry books include “Waiting For The Day To Open Its Wings” (UNBOUND Content, 2013), “Art Is the Impression of an Artist” (Edgar and Lenore's Publishing House, 2013), “City Of Tents” (Crisis Chronicles Press, 2013), "A Is for Aorta" (Seven Circles Press, e-book, 2013), "Swimming In the Ladle of Stars" (Kattywompus Press, 2013), and he is the winner of the inaugural Wild Earth Poetry Contest for his full length collection “Searching For What Is Not There” (Hiraeth Press, 2013).

Friday, March 29, 2013

Once Upon a Time -- A.J. Huffman & April Salzano

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A.J. Huffman is a poet and freelance writer in Daytona Beach, Florida.  She has previously published six collections of poetry all available on Amazon.comShe has also published her work in numerous national and international literary journals.  Most recently, she has accepted the position as editor for six online poetry journals for Kind of a Hurricane Press ( ).

April Salzano teaches college writing in Pennsylvania and is working on her first (several) poetry collections and an autobiographical work on raising a child with Autism. Her work has appeared in Poetry Salzburg, Pyrokinection, Convergence, Ascent Aspiration, Deadsnakes, The Rainbow Rose and other online and print journals and is forthcoming in Inclement, Poetry Quarterly and Bluestem.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Cognates -- Neil Ellman

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Neil Ellman lives and writes in New Jersey.  More than 700 of his poems, many of which are ekphrastic and based on works of modern and contemporary art, appear in numerous print and online journals, anthologies, broadsides and chapbooks throughout the world.  He has been nominated twice for Best of the Net.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Extolment in the Praising Exhalation of Jazz -- Felino A. Soriano

Felino A. Soriano has authored nearly five dozen collections of poetry, including the collaborative volume with poet, Heller Levinson and visual artist, Linda Lynch, Hinge Trio (La Alameda Press, 2012) rhythm:s (Fowlpox Press, 2012), and Quartet Dialogues (white sky ebooks, 2012).  He publishes the online endeavors Counterexample Poetics and Differentia Press. His work finds foundation in philosophical studies and connection to various idioms of jazz music. He lives in California with his wife and family and is the director of supported living and independent living programs providing supports to adults with developmental disabilities.  For further information, please visit

Friday, January 25, 2013

Introducing Barometric Pressures -- our new Author Series of echapbooks

Barometric Pressures is Kind of a Hurricane Press's series of echapbooks.  For this series we are looking for artists with a strong voice and focus in either poetry, flash fiction, or fiction.  We are looking for artists who can make something happen in 10 to 30 pages of poetry or prose.  We are looking for interesting, progressive, unique work and ideas.  If you think you have something that fits those qualifications, be sure to check out our submissions guidelines page, then send your work our way.

The collections accepted for Barometric Pressures will be downloadable echapbooks, free to any and all who wish to read them.  Please note these will not be print editions.  We have hopes of doing full-length ebooks and print editions in the future, but we are not there yet.