Submission Guidelines

Barometric Pressures is Kind of a Hurricane Press's series of echapbooks.  For this series we are looking for artists with a strong voice and focus in poetry.  We are looking for artists who can make something happen in 10 to 30 pages of poetry.  We are looking for interesting, progressive, unique work and ideas.  If you think you have something that fits those qualifications, send it our way.

The collections accepted for Barometric Pressures will be downloadable echapbooks, free to any and all who wish to read them.  Please note these will not be print editions.  We have hopes of doing full-length ebooks and print editions in the future, but we are not there yet. 

Authors must be over 18 to submit.

Send full chapbook as .doc attachment (.docx files will not be opened) to: kindofahurricanepress(at)yahoo(dot)com

Subject line of email: "[author's name] Submission for Barometric Pressures Author Series" (.doc files only)

Please include a third-person author bio with your submission.

Absolutely NO simultaneous submissions. The editor will do her best to review work and respond in as timely a manner as humanly possible.Simultaneous submissions just add unnecessary complications that interfere with that process.

What the editor wants to see:
  • High quality Free Verse poetry – literary, mainstream, and experimental forms are welcome
  • Imagery that makes her feel something strongly – whatever that something is
  • Prose Poetry is also welcome, but must be exceptional
  • Please note overtly sexual, violent (i.e. gore for the sake of gore), or racist materials are not welcome or appreciated.
We look forward to seeing your work!